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"Medicaid 101" for CHWs

This is a free Webinar available to all Pennsylvania Community Health Workers.

Special 2 hour Webinar “Medicaid 101”

Thursday, Oct. 13th 1-3 pm

"A growing number of states are authorizing Medicaid payment for CHW services. Just how they do it can make a big difference in the work of CHWs. CHWs and their Allies need to be involved in these decisions. Most CHWs know a lot about the “front end” of Medicaid: how to access care and even how to apply for eligibility. But you probably don’t know as much about the “back end:” how Medicaid pays for things and how they make decisions about coverage. So if Pennsylvania CHWs are going to be “at the table” for these discussions, you will need to get more comfortable with the language of Medicaid policy and operations. “Medicaid 101” can help you learn some of the basics.”

Biographical Summary – Carl H. Rush, MRP

Policy Advisor, National Association of Community Health Workers

San Antonio, Texas

Carl H. Rush, MRP (he, his) has specialized in policy and workforce development for community health workers (CHWs) since 1996. He has advised CHW policy initiatives in more than 25 individual states; he is formally advising on Medicaid SPA discussions for CHW services in AR, ID, PA, RI, VA, SC and VT. He was a lead author on HRSA’s 2007 CHW National Workforce Study, and co-lead on the CHW Core Consensus (C3) Project (2013-16). Carl completed two national policy studies with the CDC, on CHW certification and workforce development strategy (2014-17). He was a founding member of the National Association of CHWs (NACHW) Board of Directors, and is currently serving as a policy advisor to NACHW under contract.

A big shout-out to the folks at AHN-CIH for organizing this webinar! Thank you Kristin, Leanna and crew!


After completing the registration, you will receive a link to Join the Zoom Webinar

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