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Monkeypox in Pittsburgh? Here’s what you need to know [PublicSource]

How accurate are the local monkeypox case counts? Can you die from monkeypox? Should we worry about kids? Is monkeypox an STD? Your questions answered by Allegheny County health leaders.

While you may be worn down by pandemic life and the merry-go-round of rising cases and new COVID-19 variants, a new concern is brewing locally: monkeypox.

In a few months, the monkeypox virus went from a handful of reported cases in the United States to a public health emergency of international concern. Prior to the 2022 outbreak, monkeypox was reported in several central and western African countries and almost all cases outside of Africa were linked to international travel to places where the virus is common.

Allegheny County health officials reported that 29 monkeypox cases have been detected locally between June 26 and Aug. 1.

Health officials maintain the monkeypox outbreak differs from COVID-19 because of its slower transmission and lower fatality rate.

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