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Community Health Workers @ Carnegie Museum of Art

On January 19th, the Carnegie Museum of Art warmly welcomed the Western PA Community Health Worker (CHW) Collaborative into their exhibit halls before the museum opened. After a reception of coffee and pastries, local CHWs and allies had the opportunity to hear from museum staff and curators about the importance of LaToya Ruby Frazier’s work titled “More than Conquerors: A Monument for Community Health Workers of Baltimore, Maryland 2021-2022.” This collection of photos, interviews and research mounted on 9-foot repurposed IV poles expresses the stories of lived experiences and lives of Community Health Workers in Baltimore. As part of the 58th Carnegie International exhibit, this piece is set in the context of other work from across the globe highlighting human dignity and equity for all.

Dana Bishop-Root of the Carnegie remarked that the work of regional CHWs in “holding peoples’ lives in grace is a form of artwork itself” and that this work is so very important and valued in the community at large. After the presentation about the installation, everyone was invited to view LaToya Frazier’s exhibit and were gifted with free admission to the museum for the rest of the day.

What a wonderful and joyous way to come together to celebrate the work of each and every community health worker!


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